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Apaizers - Meet Our Experts

Mr. Sahil Kapoor

He is a Professional with an overall 23 years of working experience in the field of Retail/Wholesale Business Development, Retail Operations, Sales & Marketing, and Family & Debt Recovery Laws. Mediator since 2020. Certified Mediator from the Indian Law Society of Arbitration and Mediation (ILSCA) and has been a guide and mentor to a lot of people and families. He proactively sought to provide solutions to people who need support.

He started his journey in the field of Business Administration with Ambuja Cements and then moved to Parle, Nitco, and Walmart, a few of the renowned companies in India before starting as a Business Development Professional, Independent Family Law counselor, and Mediator/Negotiator.

He is the Founder of 'KRS'/'Apaizers'/'Karuna Mediation'. Currently handling projects on E-commerce Operations & Customer Administration at 'KRS', Family & Debt recovery Law Counselors & Mediation Advocacy services at 'Apaizers', and Mediation training and services at 'Karuna Mediation'. Administrating an NGO for Men's Rights. Empaneled mediator with ‘Sama’, 'Presolv360', 'CORD' & 'ODRI'onlinedisputeresolution 

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He is an Author of 5 Ebooks on Fighting 498A IPC, 498A Quash, Fighting 406 IPC, Maintenance Denied 125 Cr.P.C., and Avoiding Anticipatory Bail under 498A IPC.

He also worked in crisis counseling for over eight years, where he practiced General Counseling with victims who had experienced the victimization of misuse of Family Laws and debt recovery laws. He also recognized that most of these issues were far more complex than what was initially apparent. Often having to mediate conflict in his clinical role, Sahil began to consider the possibility of attending law school. However, his long-standing interest in law was tempered as he remained attuned to the fact that the legal system had not been created fairly and was in need of significant change. Sahil was prompted to explore mediation instead. 

His Achievements are:

-BSc. MSc. in Computer Science.
-Student of Law from G.N.D. University.
-PGD in Counseling & Family Therapy.
-PGD in Sales & Marketing.
-Gained 40 hours of Certification for Mediation and Negotiation skills from the Indian Law Society's Centre for Arbitration and Mediation (ILSCA).
-Certification in Mediating Violent conflicts & Negotiation skills from the United States Institute of Peace(USIP), Washington.
-Certification in Family Dispute Screening & Safety Planning from the Australian Institute of Social Relations.
- Certification in Tackling Debt from Money Mentors, Alberta, well Equipped with the skills to tackle debt situations and settle disputes through debt settlement.
-Certificate in Retail Management with FDI Modules.
-Business Essential Skills Training from Walmart.

He has developed and created below mentioned Platforms under the umbrella of Apaizers® named: 

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